February 26, 2017

5 Fab Freebies: St. Patrick's Day

Well, February has just about come to a close and March is right around the corner (and Spring is so close!). What better way to ring in the new month than with some fabulous St. Patrick's Day freebies? No need to search for the end of the rainbow, because I've got 5 here that are as good as gold!

1) Get your students talking with these Conversation Prompts by Allison Fors! This freebie includes 9 conversation starters, and a no-print feature as well. It can be used to target a variety of goals, and is great for working on social and conversational skills. 

2) The Shamrock Challenge, created by Peachie Speechie, is a fantastic reinforcer for any task, but works particularly well for articulation goals. Have your students color in a shamrock each time they accurately produce a target; you can use this in single sessions or as a rolling reinforcer over the whole month of March!

3) St. Patrick's Day Pronouns, by Speech is Sweet, is a super-cute card game that targets "he", "she", and "they" in proper positions. This is a great activity for group therapy sessions. It will keep your students engaged, and the element of healthy competition is a great built-in reinforcer! Includes 30 playing cards. 

4) This sensory craft, by Speech Language Pirates, is a perfect way to target direction-following, describing, conversational skills, etc.! Your students will love that they get to create something to take home, and so will their parents! 

5) Finally, we have Leprechauns Roll and Cover, by Tech 'n Talk SLPs. This freebie includes 3 St. Patty's-themed gameboards that can be customized to fit any target! You can really get creative with these; they'll make any activity that much more engaging and fun for your students. 

I hope these freebies are lucky finds for you! Be sure to check them out, and let the creators know that you love their products. 

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February 5, 2017

Five Fab Freebies: Valentine's Day

Love is in the air again! Valentine's Day is a great excuse to use themed activities in your therapy sessions, and I've got 5 perfect (and free!) ways for you to do that. 

1) The first freebie of the day is Valentine's Day Social Language, by Speech Me Maybe. It includes 54 task cards which target topic maintenance, politeness, and initiating conversation. This is a great activity to use with your group sessions-pair up your students and have them act it out! 

2) Up next, I've created these Idiom Cards for you! They are a sample of my Valentine's Day Idioms pack. This freebie includes 6 idiom cards to be paired with their true meaning. You can have lots of fun with these! 

3) 100 Valentine's Hearts, by Ashley Rossi, can be incorporated into any of your student's goals-just have them color in a new heart each time they hit a target. You can use this within one session, or over the course of the month so your students can see their progress! A fabulous reinforcer for articulation, and an easy way to take data!


4) Next, we have Cupid Quandary, by SmartmouthSLP. This freebie targets social skills with 16 Valentine's Day-themed social question cards. It also includes blank templates to create your own cards, and ideas for activity extension. This is a great one to use with your middle-schoolers! 

5) Last but certainly not least, Speech is Sweet has created this Valentine's freebie, which goes along with the book The Night Before Valentine's Day. Books are a great way to target a wide range of skills, and this freebie makes it easy with comprehension and sequencing worksheets! 

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you love these freebies, and I hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day filled with all the chocolate you can eat. If you get a chance, make sure to let the creators of these fabulous freebies know how great they are! 

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February 4, 2017

Using Olfactory Bottles in Speech Therapy - Plus a FREEBIE!

Have you ever used Montessori-inspired activities in your speech therapy sessions?  The Montessori method is something that we've been trying to incorporate into our household lately, and it got me thinking about how I could use some of these activities in my speech therapy sessions. One of the first activities that I tried was using olfactory bottles.  If you're not familiar, "olfactory bottle" is just a technical term for a scented bottle.  I used these tiny little amber bottles and stuck them on a wooden tray, but you really don't need to get this fancy.  The lid of a shoebox or a plastic container would work just as well!  I placed a cotton ball inside each one and added a few drops of different essential oils.  Then, I created these laminated color cards so that I could make labels for each of the scents.  I added small circles that matched the labels onto the bottom of the corresponding bottle (you can see what I mean in the example below).  You could just simply tape them on, however, I had a sticker maker lying around from my scrapbooking days, so I used that.

The stickers are important because they allow the students to open the bottle and smell it, then place it on the card they think is a match (check out the picture below showing the bottles placed on their corresponding cards).  If they are correct, the card they placed it on and the sticker on the bottom of the bottle will match.  

These little bottles may seem quite simple, but they are really great for starting conversations! Here are some questions to initiate in case you need some ideas: 
  • What does the smell remind you of?
  • Is there a word you can think of to describe this scent?
  • Have you ever smelled this before?  Where?
  • Do you like this smell? Why or why not?

What I like most about this activity is that it's engaging and it facilitates conversation in a very natural way.   Click here to get your own free copy of the template I used to create the cards and stickers!

January 29, 2017

5 Fab Freebies: Winter, Part 3

Hi, all! I'm back with 5 more fabulous Winter freebies for you to try in your speech room. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Let's jump right into it: 

1) Number one is this Winter Speech and Language Mini Bundle, by Short and Sweet Speech. It includes 25 pages of wonderfully wintery activities to complete. You can target just about any goal with this bundle! 


2) Next up is a no-print by Allison Fors. Who doesn't love an easy, no-prep lesson? Winter Nouns and Pronouns is a PDF download that is great for targeting those tricky skills! She has also included scenes that you can use for modified goals, such as conversation skills and WH- questions. 

3) Snow Day Language Fun, by Activity Tailor includes worksheets to target sequencing, categories, and attributes. You can even get creative and incorporate a variety of extra snow-themed activities into this freebie!

4) This Winter Articulation freebie, by Speech Sprouts, can target articulation, negatives, and WH- questions in a fun, engaging way! It includes one black-and-white coloring and writing page, and also a colored mat to laminate and use with dry-erase markers, bingo chips, or whatever reinforcers you prefer!  

5) Last but not least, we have Hot Chocolate Listening for Absurdities, by Speech Time Fun. Your students will get a kick out of listening to these funny sentences and deciding which ones are just a little off!

That's all for this round of freebies! I hope you enjoy them, and make sure to let the creators know that you do! Stay warm, everyone!

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January 15, 2017

Five Fab Freebies: Winter, Part 2

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through January 2017! I hope everyone is staying warm and finding their way back into a routine! Here are 5 more freebies that may help inspire some new ideas and creativity in your speech room during this cold winter season:

1) The first freebie I have for you today is Let's Name Winter Things by Tech 'n Talk SLPs. It can be used in several different ways to target classification and categorization skills. You can even use it with a Cariboo gameboard, if you have one! This is a super fun, interactive activity.

2) This Winter game board, by GoldCountrySLP, is a colorful, winter-themed game board that your students will love. It is generic, so you can use it as a reinforcer for any or all goals-customize it however you would like! 

3) Next up is Winter Problem Solving, created by Sappy Speechie. This is a no-print, no-prep freebie that will target pragmatic skills, inferencing, and comprehension. This is a great activity to use with your middle-schoolers!

4) The next product I have for you is by Speech is Sweet. These free printables, created for Jan Brett's The Mitten, include interactive tasks to target comprehension, cause/effect, inferencing, and more!

5) The final freebie of today is a peppermint dough visual recipe, created by Kristine Lamb.  The activity includes vocabulary cards, comprehension questions, and the visual directions for the recipe. You could use this freebie to target multiple goals, and it would be a fantastic activity to do with your group sessions! 

I hope you love these winter freebies! Be sure to check them out, and let the creators know you enjoyed their products. 

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January 14, 2017

5 Winter Books for Speech Therapy

There is no escaping it, winter is here to stay!  Why not cozy up to the idea by bringing some of these fun winter books into your speech room?  Books are such a great way to touch on a variety objectives, while capturing the interest of your students.  I've got five winter favs to share with you today!

1) The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler.  This book delivers a sweet message about being different.  The little snow plow gets picked on by the big plows, but he is the one who saves the day when he is the only one that could fit through two boulders.  A great message for our students that are wonderfully unique. 

2) Cara's Kindness by Kristi Yamaguchi.  Who doesn't love stories about kindness?  In this book by Kristi Yamaguchi (am I dating myself by saying I remember watching her compete in the Olympics?), friends help each other out in different ways.  Great for working on social skills and a nice way to incorporate a little extra kindness into your speech room!  (Pssst.. if you're looking for some more ways to incorporate kindness, follow The Kindness Project from my friend Claudia over at Creative Speech Lab.  I'll be joining in to share some ideas mid-April!)

3) Wonderful Winter by Bruce Goldstone.  This book is packed with fun facts and fabulous opportunities to work on various language skills throughout the book.  For example, what does winter taste like?  What does winter feel like?  Pictures in the book are a great supplement to many of these questions that we already ask our students. 

4) Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buhner.  Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night?  This book is a great way to play off of the normal curiosity that all students have.  It also uses rhyme, which is a great way to incorporate phonological awareness into your session.  

5) The Mitten by Jan Brett. I am assuming that most of you are familiar with this one, but for those that don't, it's a must have!  It's a story about a boy who loses his mitten that many animals all squeeze into together.  You can work on temporal sequencing, by asking your students to indicate what happened first, next, and last.  

I hope that you enjoyed this list of books and find them useful in your speech therapy sessions!  Don't forget to subscribe to email updates to get the latest and the greatest from The Speech Space!

January 7, 2017

Five Fab Freebies: Winter, Part 1

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and are feeling rested and rejuvenated as you return to work and/or school! It can be hard to get back into the swing of things, so I've taken some time to put together some freebies for you that are sure to bring a little life to your speech room. Enjoy!

1) These Winter Worksheets, created here at The Speech Space, will engage your students while facilitating both language and articulation skills! It includes 6 downloadable worksheets sheets that interactive and fun. 

2) The Speech Zone created this Do-a-Dot freebie; it targets /k/, /s/, /m/, /p/, and /t/ in the final position. This is an awesome interactive tool to use in therapy, and kids are sure to find it fun and rewarding!

3) Next up, we have a winter-themed Following Directions freebie by Panda Speech! It includes 5 different scenes which your students must color in according to directions. The sheets include 1-step, 2-step, and make-your-own directions, so you can customize it to each students' abilities!

4) This freebie is a great way to involve your students' families in their speech and language therapy goals! Winter Recipes, by Creative Speech Lab, includes activities that target articulation, grammar, re-tell, and much more. This is a great tool to encourage involvement and practice at home!

5) The final freebie that I have for you today is Winter Bingo, by Breanna Allor. It includes both black-and-white and colored boards and calling cards, and can be used to target a variety of speech and language skills! This freebie is a great way to incorporate winter themes into a fun and productive therapy activity.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these fabulous Winter freebies! Be sure to check them out, and let the creators know that you love their products!

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